Community Arts

Core Elements and Themes of Sweet Tree Arts

Process over Product

Questions over Answers

Whole brain and whole body learning encouraged

Community is expanded through the Arts with the following themes:

Self, Group, Family and Friends, Our Environment, Our Community, The Wider World.  

We create community art projects to enhance and connect our community
and offer workshops and classes to inspire and connect fellow artists.
We offer classes and workshops to bring education and creativity to learners of all ages.


All disciplines of creative arts are explored as an avenue to interdisciplinary
thinking and learning: Visual Arts, Language Arts, Music, Drama, Storytelling and more. 

Story Slams

Twice a year Sweet Tree Arts hosts a community Story Slam. We invite local tellers to share around a theme and often invite professional storytellers to share their stories with the local schools and our community. Again and again we see stories bring us closer together. 

Virtual Story slam coming soon this winter. Theme - Silver linings. 

Workshops and classes

Sweet Tree Arts offers the space for a variety of classes for children and adults with limited enrollment to make it possible to study deeply together -developing skills and growing as an individuals. 

We infuse the creative arts into each class, deepening the learning with Storytelling, Music, Drama, Poetry, Movement and Visual Arts. Further we work to consider the personalities and learning styles of each individual. 

Scholarships and family prices available, please inquire or fill out application below. Families are welcome to be as involved as they wish, if you would like to stay you may create with your child, sit in the kitchen with a cup of tea, read a book, or use our wifi. If you are new to Sweet Tree, consider joining for Open studio. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to become familiar with our space and instructors.  

Ages are suggested and flexible, please inquire if your child does not fit into the suggested age bracket. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Classes and workshops are non-refundable. If you need to withdraw from a class, Sweet Tree Arts will issue you a credit toward a future class.

A $35 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Sweet Tree Arts reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. If a class is cancelled by Sweet Tree Arts, you will be issued a full refund. Sweet Tree Arts also reserves the right to postpone classes due to circumstances beyond our control such as severe weather, staff illness or emergencies. The instructor will provide make-up classes for any classes missed due to unforeseen circumstances. Sweet Tree Arts' education staff members are not obligated to provide make-up classes for individuals who have missed class for personal, professional or any other reasons not the fault of Sweet Tree Arts.

Refund & cancellation policies are strictly enforced. Class payments and other contributions ensure the continuation of Sweet Tree Arts education and community outreach programs. We thank you for your understanding and support of Sweet Tree Arts.

 Waiver of Liability

In consideration for Sweet Tree Arts, its teachers, volunteers, and agents from any and all liability, cost, or expense associated with any injury I may sustain while participating in Sweet Tree Arts programs. Payment received acknowledges that you have read and understood the refund policies. Sweet Tree Arts does not provide students with make-up classes due to illness, unanticipated travel, or other reasons not the fault of the facility. Sweet Tree Arts has the right to cancel any class with insufficient enrollment. Sweet Tree Arts reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose conduct is deemed detrimental to other students, faculty or staff.

Young Children

Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult.  

Non Discriminatory Statement

Sweet Tree Arts does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected characteristics. Further Sweet Tree Arts works to develop a culture of equity encouraging individual voices, welcoming opposing views and new ideas and working towards encouraging a safe environment where growth mindset is encouraged through equal opportunity, hard work and consistent support.