Meet Us

Director Lindsay Stewart

Lindsay Stewart is the director and founder of Sweet Tree Arts and Sweet Tree School. She has been teaching in the arts and alternative education settings for the over 20 years. Originally from Scotland, Stewart settled in the US in 2000. She gained her Masters in Education through Lesley University's Creative Arts and Learning program and received her undergraduate degree from Colby College. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in education at Lesley University.  Lindsay is passionate about sharing ideas locally and globally around creative thinking, growth mindset and listening and responding through the arts. 

Meet the Sweet Tree ARts / Sweetland School staff

Elementary School Team K-5 offering learner centered project based interdisciplinary studies 

K-2- Bill Huntington, Kari Luehman and Anna Rich

2-3- Lindsay Stewart and Alaina Garrigan

Tinker Lab K-8- Paul Cartwright

Middle School Team 6-8 offering learner centered, project based interdisciplinary studies 

6-8   Marlee Luehman, Hannah Well, Atupele Machika

Projects / Tinker lab/  Design thinking/ Physics - Paul Cartwright

Spanish - Rebecca Cox

Health - Madrona Wienges

Marlee Luehman

Marlee Luehman has been an educator for 20 years.  She received her undergraduate degree in psychology and education with a certification in elementary and special education. She has worked in a variety of educational settings including public schools, private schools, and as a developmental therapist working closely with at risk infants and toddlers in their homes. 

Marlee became passionate about the arts and teaching and learning through the arts when she was hired by Lindsay Pinchbeck to teach at Sweetland School. 

She received her masters in arts integration through Lesley University. Believing strongly in the social-emotional connection that learners and teachers cultivate in a nurturing education environment, Marlee embraces the process of working through the arts as a way to create a space for meaningful and deep connection. 

When she is not teaching, Marlee enjoys dancing, walks through the fields behind her house, being with her daughter and quiet pondering.  

Paul Cartwright

Paul joined the staff in September 2019 and works primarily with the Explores and Innovators. Over the course of the school year Paul guided the Innovators to build an 18 foot, 175 lb. Inuit ‘umiak’ style boat that carries 10-12 people. 

Paul loves people, especially children. He is a musician, engineer, inventor, dancer, father, and a teacher. Honoring others and sharing the delight of learning is the theme that guides his life. 

BIll Huntington

Bill has worked with young children for over 20 years. His undergraduate degree is in Geography but his life degree is in compassion and connection. Bill learned early on to listen to the whole story and know that there is always more than meets the eye (or ear). At his first teaching job he was approached by a crying child who, pointing behind her, said, “She hit me back first.” Despite the urge to laugh, she needed to know he would support her and take the time to listen. 

Bill also runs a small fiber arts business in Hope. He creates knitted pieces and teaches knitting to children and adults. His creative endeavors influence his emphasis on the process as being as important as the end product. 

Bill is grateful to be working with a team of other dedicated educators at Sweetland School. Sharing ideas, working collaboratively, and focusing on each persons strengths makes this effort fulfilling and fun. 

Hannah Wells

Hannah joined the Sweetland staff in September 2017 . She loves anything to do with creativity and community which is why she feels so at home at Sweet Tree. She studied Illustration and Design in Boston and has lived in midcoast Maine for the majority of her life. One of her favorite things about Sweet Tree is the ability to let the children lead in their creative and academic needs. Hannah feels that, when you listen to children and let them lead the way, things will always turn out better than you had originally planned.

Kari LuehmAN

Kari works with the learners at both Roots and Branches, teaches Innovator Art, manages the 8th grade Apprenticeship Program and also assists in Marketing and Community Program development. Kari loves being in the classroom and learning about the Reggio Emilia Approach to education. This particular framework creates MAGIC and inspires children to create meaning in deep and unique ways. She also takes on special projects and event planning at the center and is excited to be working as part of the team. She lives in Union with her family and spends her days trying to figure out how to find a balance between purposeful and soulful living. Kari has spent her adult life teaching children,  teaching movement and helping people find organization and inspiration in their business endeavors. 

Anna Rich

Alaina Garrigan



Sarah Doudera



the boards 

Supporting our vision; our advisory board consists of passionate and respected leaders in education and the arts who model high academic achievement. They are always willing to problem solve and listen. Thank you, Malcolm Brooks, Nancy Harris Frohlich and Will Foote. 

Supporting the non profit; our Board of Directors drive a healthy business model and keep Sweet Tree steady through the most challenging times. Thank you Michael Douglass, Cyndi Prince and  Nancy Harris Frohlich