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Sewing Project - Over 400 dresses sewn here and
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Teacher Workshop

In July 2016 Argy Nestor and Lindsay Pinchbeck travelled with Go! Malawi, a non-profit organization working to improve education and reduce poverty in the Ntchisi District of Malawi. They provided a 10-day workshop with teachers from Mpamila Primary School and neighboring schools. During the workshop ideas were explored with 12 local teachers in Drama, Music, Movement, Poetry, Storytelling, and Visual Arts. Teachers developed individual action plans around a Fiber Arts project. Each day underlying themes such as Hopes and Dreams, Traditions and Making Mistakes were woven through the work. At the end of the ten day workshop the community gathered to celebrate teachers and students from the local community.

Since 2016 we have been encouraging and supporting others to travel to Mpamila and continue the work. Five educators have provided unique workshops and their passion for learning and the arts to teachers and learners in Malawi.

In addition, sewers from across New England, working alone and in groups, have sewn over 400 dresses and pants for the children. We are grateful to the many individuals and groups who have supported this project. A special thank you to the members of the Second Congregational Church in Warren who have contributed generously.

In July of 2020 a return trip by Lindsay and Argy along with four other Maine arts educators and teaching artists was planned. Due to the world wide pandemic the trip was canceled. Thanks to a persistent attitude clothing for the children and lesson plans for teachers were sent to Mpamila. d

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