Our Roots

Sweet Tree Arts opened in February 2013. Our opening celebration welcomed many in the community with stories around the theme of Hope. Community arts programming for all ages and all abilities, after school, summer and weekend classes have woven through our experiences on the Hope Corner. In 2014 Sweetland School opened offering Reggio inspired, learner centered, flexible schooling options for learners K-8. Sweet Tree Arts continues to learn and grow. We are always looking for new ways to encourage creativity in our community. We welcome questions, ideas and suggestions. 

Embracing the arts to learn and grow

Summer Workshops

Winter celebrations

Lantern workshop 2018

Fall Story Slam

at Hope Orchards with Willy Claflin 2019

Spring Story Slam

at Sweet Tree Arts

year round programming and workshops offered

Pop up workshops for all ages and all abilities in a variety or arts and creative opportunities.