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Sweet Tree Arts / Sweetland School is currently accepting applications for the 

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currently accepting applications for 

the 2023 /2024 school year

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So much to explore at Sweetland School, a Reggio Emilio inspired learning center.

mission Statement

The Mission of Sweetland School is to encourage confident, resilient and creative individuals. Honoring multiple intelligences, mentors engage students through arts integration and thematic, project based opportunities while balancing direct instruction. Sweetland School inspires compassionate stewards in our world, building empathy through the arts, outdoor engagement,  free and guided play and community connections. We encourage autonomy and collaboration and support families to embrace life and learning together. 

about our program

Sweetland School is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and by educators and artists such as John Dewey, Elliot Eisner, Lily Yeh, Paulo Freire, Howard Gardner, Alfie Kohn, and Sir Ken Robinson. Sweetland School aims to remain open and flexible to change and the needs of the current times and community.

Learner-Centered Education

When we say “learner-centered,” we are describing a paradigm sitting opposite of the “school-centered” or conventional paradigm.

The learner-centered paradigm recognizes every learner has unique potential and understands learning happens naturally when people are supported to pursue their interests, tackle challenges, and explore aspirations within nurturing communities. It sees the aim of education as being able to cultivate young people who are self-aware, self-reflective, and socially capable learners, ready and able to advocate for themselves and their communities in their pursuits."

Sweetland School is a flexible 3 or 5 day Academic program. Engaging with the community the Sweetland School offers relevant, bold and joyful learning opportunities. Families with children in grades K-8 are invited to engage in hands-on experiential learning opportunities. 

Small multi-age classrooms with a 6:1 student : teacher ratio offer a strong academic program integrating the Arts and experiential learning through collaborative and individualized instruction. 

We balance our days between direct instruction, student explorations and community focused projects. 


Sweetland supports an active formative assessment model through the documentation of learning of the student and group. A daily practice using photography and collecting the words and ideas of the children allows us to build understanding together and to support learners to reflect on thier thoughts and experiences. Teachers design relevant assessments through a variety of ways such as games, essays, performance based relevant tasks, peer review processes, presentations and appropriate quizzes. We gather work samples and build portfolios throughout the year. Learners of all ages are supported to reflect on their learning and build an understanding of their own knowledge and learning through regular reflection and self-assessment.

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Why re-imagine education?

Sweetland School supports students with deep conceptual mathematical thinking. Students are engaged through relevant projects and tangible activities. We search for joy, beauty and engage in deep conceptual conversations. As in all areas of learning we encourage hard work and a growth mindset as a means to succeed and solve problems.