Class Descriptions

Ukulele Club

Join Jeff Weinberger for a 6week 45minute class for 5-10 year olds. 

$60 for 6 weeks. 

$40 for 4 weeks

Thursdays this fall 3.45 - 4.30

  After School Ukulele Class is a program in which children get acquainted with some basic chords, rhythms, melodies and lyrics. They learn to take these building blocks and learn accessible one, two and three chord songs from American and other folk cultures. 
The activities are geared toward not just song learning and musical games, but listening to and cooperating with others, improvisation and lyric writing. At the end of the program, the students will have an "informance" for their family and friends. This class is for ages 6-10. A second class will be added for older children or those seeking a slightly more advanced setting.  

The cost of a kid's ukulele is usually around $40 and no books are necessary, but an electronic tuner for $10-$20 is recommended. There are also free tuner apps readily available. If you are interested in borrowing a ukulele we can make recommendations. We have 4 ukuleles availalbe to be checked out at no charge, by families for the duration of the course.

For more information contact Jeff Weinberger - 

Cartooning club

 James Quigley will host host cartooning club for children 7 and up at Sweet Tree Arts. 

This once a week after school program for children will focus on drawing skills, cartooning, illustration, character design and graphic art. 
All levels of skill are welcome and encouraged as collaboration will support individual work. 
James Quigley is a graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist residing in Appleton. His work has appeared in the form of skateboard graphics, comic books and comic strips, animation, rock posters and more. 
$12 per class. Drop ins welcome but full class commitment recommended.
4 weeksessions - $48
 6 week sessions - $72 
Meets 3.45 - 4.45 weekly. 



Picture a Story

 Picture a Story

This story telling course will show children how to communicate a story through art. We will be reading various short tales and taking a look at how other artists take on the roll of sharing their own stories through creative imagery. Children will also choose a story to illustrate in their own unique way. 

We will:

Share children’s picture book

Play drawing games

Invite children to bring in a story they love

Add inspiring illustrations into our journals

Share our work showing different ways to tell a story with pictures. 

Explore ideas of character through illustration

Create book covers and “end pages”

Make patterns and designs relating to original stories


Tuesday 3.45 - 4.45 with Hannah Wells

$72 for 6 week class

$48 for 4 week class

Yoga and Art 6-12s
Yoga and Art
In this after school class, children will be invited to participate in an hour-long yoga practice, focusing on breathing techniques, yoga postures, expressive movement and creativity. Each day we will focus on a theme, such as Joy, Loving Kindness, Gratitude, Strength, etc. and will provide opportunity for discussion of these themes and how we can welcome them into our lives. Together we will play yoga games, share yoga stories and songs, and make art projects with a focus on our theme for the day. These might include painted mindfulness rocks, kindness postcards, gratitude trees, hopes and dreams flags, among others. This class offers a fun and accessible way for children to share in learning about yoga and yogic postures, and all the positive benefits these things have to offer us. 
Recommended for 6-12s 
Meets Thursdays 3.45 - 4.45
$12 per class
$48 for 4 week session
$72 for 6 week session