Fellowship 2020

Argy Nestor - Sweetland School
Sweet Tree Arts (location map)
Saturday, 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
08/10/20 - 03/06/21 (30 weeks)


THE SWEET TREE FELLOWSHIP is an opportunity to expand and build knowledge in arts education. Participants will engage in the collaborative teaching and learning processes of Sweetland School. Critical components include creative thinking, arts integration, documentation process, community involvement, and student-centered learning and leading through hands on experiences. Ongoing sharing of the arts and ideas will build creative confidence with and for young people so they can dream bigger and create their future. Not only will the selected fellows be a part of a strong collective of like-minded artists and educators but they will also receive personal coaching and mentorship from accomplished trailblazers in their respective art and education fields. 

If you are an educator, teaching artist, artist and believe that the arts can make a difference, here is an opportunity for you to be a leader in your community. 

This Sweet Tree program is in partnership with Slam out Loud, based in Delhi, India. Fellows in both programs will have opportunities to learn together. Learn more at https://slamoutloud.com.

This application is to better understand what motivates you to be a part of the Sweet Tree Fellowship and how that can further the cause. We look forward to getting to know more about you and your work! 

Please contact Argy Nestor with any questions or ideas at anestor@sweettreearts.org


Apply here - https://forms.gle/hHZEbfEDPt2bN2Ga9

Upcoming Meetings
12/05/20    9:00 PM Saturday 12/05/20 9:00 PM
12/12/20    9:00 PM Saturday 12/12/20 9:00 PM
12/19/20    9:00 PM Saturday 12/19/20 9:00 PM
12/26/20    9:00 PM Saturday 12/26/20 9:00 PM
01/02/21    9:00 PM Saturday 01/02/21 9:00 PM
01/09/21    9:00 PM Saturday 01/09/21 9:00 PM
01/16/21    9:00 PM Saturday 01/16/21 9:00 PM
01/23/21    9:00 PM Saturday 01/23/21 9:00 PM
01/30/21    9:00 PM Saturday 01/30/21 9:00 PM
02/06/21    9:00 PM Saturday 02/06/21 9:00 PM
02/13/21    9:00 PM Saturday 02/13/21 9:00 PM
02/20/21    9:00 PM Saturday 02/20/21 9:00 PM
02/27/21    9:00 PM Saturday 02/27/21 9:00 PM
03/06/21    9:00 PM Saturday 03/06/21 9:00 PM